sunnuntai 2. tammikuuta 2022


Kolme kotia - Three Homes

Tyylikkäitä rustiikkisia ja moderneja talvikoteja.

Koti 1 - Home 1

Lähde/Source and more information: AD
Kuvat/Photos: Cassie Floto Warner
Stailaus/Styling: Virginie Duboscq

Koti 2 - Home 2

Lähde/Source and more information: Skandiamäklarna

Koti 3 - Home 3

Lähde/Source and more information: AD
Kuvat/Photos: Nicolas Mathéus

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Betty kirjoitti...

I really enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing the beautiful places you encounter in your work. I love the decor, colour schemes, natural earthiness of everything you show, every week something new and wonderful - It would be near enough impossible to find the kind of houses you show, let alone their contents, in the UK where I live - if only! I sometimes try to replicate things I see by choosing natural materials and colours and bringing nature in from my surroundings ... Wishing you a happy New Year 2022 and looking forward to many more of your beautiful posts.


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